Cygwin Book?

Thu Oct 18 13:39:00 GMT 2007

Christopher Faylor <> wrote in 

>>point writing a Cygwin book, because O'Reilly have already allocated the
>>hippo pictures to Java.
> I'll bet Microsoft put them up to it.  We all know that they have it in
> for CygWin.


An important section of the hippothetical (sic) Cygwin book could be on the 
Windows/Cygwin interactivity, from unix2dos, getclip, putclip, cygstart, 
how/why you should use mounts, antiword, activating your shell from Windows-
Explorer, how you personalise your setup with aliases etc-etc.

How you can write a shell script to automate backups etc-etc

I really think there is a need for it!


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