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Igor Pechtchanski
Tue Sep 28 12:30:00 GMT 2004

On Mon, 27 Sep 2004, Brian Dessent wrote:

> So, I'm a bit of a packrat with regards to email.  Anyway,
> I thought it would be a hoot to list the top mailing list posters based
> on what's in my Cygwin mbox file.  A quick perl script that used
> Mail::Mbox::MessageParser made this possible.
> The below are the addresses and number of messages for those with
> more than 100 posts:
> 28648 messages processed, of which 28617 had legible email addresses.
>  1. pechtcha AT cs dot nyu dot edu                               2322
>  2. cgf-no-personal-reply-please AT cygwin dot com               1526
>  3. cygwin-lh AT cygwin dot com                                  979
>  4. corinna-cygwin AT cygwin dot com                             907

Ok, that does it.  I *GOTTA* cut down. :-D

> 12. cgf-rcm AT cygwin dot com                                    342
> 17. cgf AT redhat dot com                                        261
> 20. cgf-idd AT cygwin dot com                                    232

Whew.  I'm still not #1 (by a tiny margin).  What a relief. :-)

> This includes cygwin@ and cygwin-apps@, not the -xfree, -patches, -cvs,

Umm, -cvs would be kinda pointless, actually...

> et al.  My mbox file starts around 19-Jun-2003 and goes to the present.
> Update:
> I figured since the mbox files are available for easy ftp access on
> I'd run it with the "official" ones.  So here are the
> results for that.  This one includes only the cygwin@ list from the
> beginning (1997) to the end of last month, since this month's mbox file
> isn't available yet.  Since this one is much longer I limited it to the
> first 50.
> 115541 messages processed, of which 115246 had legible email addresses.
>  1. cgf AT redhat dot com                                        3976
>  7. cgf AT cygnus dot com                                        1976
> 13. cgf-no-personal-reply-please AT cygwin dot com               994
> 26. cgf-rcm AT cygwin dot com                                    466
> 38. cgf-cygwin AT cygwin dot com                                 320
> When you combine all of cgf's various email addresses you come to the
> stunning conclusion that he's been doing this for quite a while and lent
> quite a bit of his time to it.  Thank you, Chris.

Yep, definitely the right conclusion.

> Brian
> PS: If anyone is worried about email addresses being available to be
> parsed by spammers from this post, then take a reality pill.  It would
> be much easier for said spammer to download the archives and extract the
> un-munged addresses (producing thousands) rather than manually trying to
> get them from this post and getting fifty or so.

...Or he could subscribe to the list. :-)
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