Ever asked yourself where the famous B20 got to?

Gerrit P. Haase gerrit@familiehaase.de
Tue Sep 28 11:03:00 GMT 2004

I found it, really!

You always wanted to try how it was back in the good old B20 days?  It's still
alive, B20 runs even on Windows XP systems!  Not like this crappy modern
cygwin versions which are more crashing then running all the time you
use it.

Go and get the famous B20 now:
or from here: http://www.1o0.de/wi-links/modula3/Cygwin-b20.exe

It is just 16 MB, but it is an absloute sophisticated POSIX emulation!

It even fits on 9 floppy disks:

It is still in wide use at universities all over the world, believe me,
so many professors all over the world cannot be wrong!

They use it to drive their Modula-3 compilers:

German HOWTO install Modula-3 on XP:

Translated shortref from this page:

Install Cygwin-b20.exe

- copy cygwin1.dll to C:\WINDOWS\System32

- create C:\BIN

- copy SH.EXE to C:\BIN

- install PM3-BIN.EXE to C:\

- create C:\tmp\


START --> Programs --> Cygnus Solutions --> Cygwin B20
Move around with the usual unix commands and if you find your .m3 files
and the m3makefile call m3build to invoke the compiler.

Isn't this great?

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