Integrated help facility for GNU/Cygwin?

Mon Sep 27 17:42:00 GMT 2004

For some time, I have been thinking about developing (and on occasion 
actually developing some lamo scripts towards) an integrated help 
facility for GNU/Cygwin that would be inclusive of:

help <internal-command>
<cmd> -h
<cmd> --help
<cmd> -?
<cmd> --version
<other relevant text files without an appropriate file name suffix>
<dos command of use in a scripting environment> /h
<dos command of use in a scripting environment> /?
cmd 'help' <dos command of use in a scripting environment>
    -e.g., attrib
    -      associate

and general search through the text of the various help document pages.

I had been given some pointers to projects at Sourceforge, by David 
Wheeler (, but both are dormant.

Web search for existing source has not been useful because of any 
appropriate terms of search yield millions of misses. CPAN was also not 
of much use.

Now, I strongly suspect that the people on this and other Cygwin lists 
are not going to be the primary users of this facility, but they may be 
the beneficiaries of it's use by newbies.

More newbies may be able to use Cygwin. Thus making yous [sic] the Linus 
of the non-[adroit?]propeller heads. And to reducing the number of dumm 
questions [if its possible :-\ ].

... Unless, of course, you favor blood sport ... ;-)

Anybody know of any existing code that may be relevant? (I know about 

Suggestions and comments are welcome.


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