[PATCH] fhandler_pipe: add sanity limit to handle loops

Jeremy Drake cygwin@jdrake.com
Sun Dec 26 04:56:17 GMT 2021

I set up a windows server 2022 VM last night and went nuts stressing
pacman/GPGME.  I was able to reproduce the issue there:

status = 0x00000000, phi->NumberOfHandles = 8261392, n_handle = 256
[#####----------------------------------]  14%
assertion "phi->NumberOfHandles <= n_handle" failed: file
"../../.././winsup/cygwin/fhandler_pipe.cc", line 1281, function: void*
fhandler_pipe::get_query_hdl_per_process(WCHAR*, OBJECT_NAME_INFORMATION*)

So it is not something inherent in the x86_64-on-ARM64 emulation but can
happen on native x86_64 also.

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