namespace safety with attributes

Eric Blake
Thu Jul 31 16:07:00 GMT 2014

As pointed out here:

any use of __attribute__ in a header that can be included by a user
should be namespace-safe, by decorating the attribute arguments with __
(while gcc does a lousy job at documenting it, ALL attributes have a __
counterpart, precisely so that public headers can use attributes without
risk of collision with macros belonging to user namespace).

2014-07-31  Eric Blake  <>

	* include/pthread.h: Decorate attribute names with __, for
	namespace safety.
	* include/cygwin/core_dump.h: Likewise.
	* include/cygwin/cygwin_dll.h: Likewise.
	* include/sys/cygwin.h: Likewise.
	* include/sys/strace.h: Likewise.

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