Increase st_blksize to 64k

Corinna Vinschen
Wed Jan 3 13:36:00 GMT 2007

On Jan  3 06:20, Eric Blake wrote:
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> According to Corinna Vinschen on 1/3/2007 5:16 AM:
> > 
> > Setting st_blksize to 64K might be a good idea for disk I/O if the value
> > is actually used by applications.  Do you have a specific example or a
> > test result from a Cygwin application which shows the advantage of
> > setting st_blksize to this value?  I assume there was some actual case
> > which led you to make this change ;)
> Did you read the original link?

Urgh, sorry, no.  I missed it even twice, once when scanning the Cygwin
list to see what happened since Christmas, and once in Brian's mail
starting this thread.

So it appears to make much sense to set the blocksize to 64K.  The
only question would be whether to use getpagesize() or a hard coded
value.  It seems to me that the 64K allocation granularity and using
64K as buffer size in disk I/O coincide so I tend to agree that it
makes sort of sense to use getpagesize at this point.  What do you
think, Chris?


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