[patch] Don't append extra NUL to registry-strings.

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Thu Sep 8 09:25:00 GMT 2005

On Sep  7 23:27, Bas van Gompel wrote:
> 2005-09-07  Bas van Gompel  <cygwin-patch.buzz@bavag.tmfweb.nl>
> 	* regtool.cc: Extend copyright-years.
> 	(print_version): Ditto.
> 	(cmd_list): Don't depend on terminating '\0' being present on
> 	string-values.
> 	(cmd_get): Don't attempt to read more than present, but keep
> 	extra space for terminating '\0'. Really output REG_BINARY.
> 	Don't leak memory.
> 	(cmd_set): Include trailing '\0' in string's length.



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