cross compiling patches

Corinna Vinschen
Fri Mar 31 10:58:00 GMT 2000

Chris Faylor wrote:
> >- In winsup/cygwin/ `cygrun.exe' has to be compiled with
> >  $(COMPILE_CC) because the linker stage results in the error
> >  `-lcygwin not found.'
> Are you saying that the change I made to winsup/cygwin/
> doesn't solve this?  cygrun.o *is* being compiled via COMPILE_CC.

I see. It's a bit complicated: My patch was a mess but a change is
needed, actually. The missing part is the link path for the cygwin
directory itself. xgcc is grumbling

	`-lcygwin' not found.

cygrun.exe : cygrun.o $(DLL_IMPORTS) $(w32api_lib)/libuser32.a \
        $(CC) -o $@ -L$(w32api_lib) -L$(objdir) ${word 1,$^}
                                    THAT is the missing part.

I don't insist to make the patch _this_ way but the path is needed,


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