cygrunsrv + sshd + rsync = 20 times too slow -- throttled?

Ken Brown
Sun Sep 19 14:35:10 GMT 2021

On 9/18/2021 9:31 PM, Takashi Yano wrote:
> On Sat, 18 Sep 2021 09:44:48 -0400
> Ken Brown wrote:
>> I took a stab at this on the topic/pipe branch.  I haven't done any testing,
>> other than to make sure that the code compiles.
> Thanks for working on this! I tested the head of topic/pipe branch,
> and do not find any defect so far.

Thanks for testing.

> However, I cannot test the case
> open_setup() failure, so I am not sure this works as expected in
> error case.

Right, it's hard to test this.  I have no idea why it would ever fail.

I wonder if I should go ahead and push this to master, so that it will get some 
testing in the next test release.  Corinna can always make changes when she 
returns if she thinks there's a better way to do it.



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