cygrunsrv + sshd + rsync = 20 times too slow -- throttled?

Takashi Yano
Thu Sep 16 19:42:56 GMT 2021

On Thu, 16 Sep 2021 12:02:04 -0400
Ken Brown wrote:
> On 9/16/2021 11:46 AM, Ken Brown wrote:
> > One minor thing I just noticed: If I'm not mistaken, query_hdl, hdl_cnt_mtx, and 
> > reader_closed() are used only for pipes, but they're defined in 
> > fhandler_pipe_fifo rather than fhandler_pipe.  Is there a reason for that?
> Never mind.  I see the reason: reader_closed() is called by raw_write.

You are right. However, I think it is beter that only reader_closed()
is declared in fhandler_pipe_fifo as virtual, and query_hdl and
hdl_cnt_mtx are declared in fhandler_pipe.

Thank you for making me aware.

Patch attached.

Takashi Yano <>
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