Build spends a long time in "mkimport".

Corinna Vinschen
Tue Oct 13 10:30:09 GMT 2020

On Oct 11 18:14, Jon Turney wrote:
> What I think mkimport is doing:  This produces the import library for the
> Cygwin DLL, which is actually a 'hybrid' library.  Mainly it consists of
> import stubs for functions in the DLL (some of which are renamed by
> --replace options), but it also contains some specific object files directly
> (this is stuff called by crt0.o, but idk why it's can't be in the DLL).

Some stuff must be statically linked into the executable to work.
For instance, see the stuff lib/ sets up so
it will be available when calling into the DLL the first time.
Another heck of an example is lib/atexit.c with really detailed
comments in lib/atexit.c and


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