New compilation errors building Cygwin DLL

Mark Geisert
Mon Feb 26 04:24:00 GMT 2018

Hi Mark,

On Sun, 25 Feb 2018, Mark A. Engel wrote:
> Hi, I have been trying to build the cross unix/linux compiler and using the 
> following document;
> and all is good until I get to step 6 (of the document and I get this error. 
> I'm not sure where I need to go to fix this error.  I have put in
> #endif
> in the sysdep.h and dl-sysdep.h header files which cleared some of the 
> undefined rtld_errno but not all.  Please help and steer me in the right 
> direction.
>   make[2]: Entering directory '/home/MarkEngel/downloads/glibc-2.26/elf'
>   make -f /home/MarkEngel/downloads/build-glibc/elf/ -f
>   rtld-Rules

What you're doing doesn't seem to have anything to do with building the 
Cygwin DLL itself, so this is the wrong mailing list.  The web page you 
indicated has a comment form at its end.  You might use that to reach the 
page's author or perhaps one of the responders already quoted who has used 
Cygwin to build the cross-compiler.
Good luck,


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