is-cygwin-tty check

Mihail Konev
Sat Nov 12 11:08:00 GMT 2016

The first word was allowed to be [a-z0-9]* to allow for any future cygwin fork.
Sticking to cygwin/msys.

Now pipe name would be checked for being


Should the "to-master-cyg" pipe be considered tty?

Assuming that "master-ctl" and "echoloop" do not.

Also, there are

  winsup/cygwin/      char std[3][sizeof ("/dev/ptyNNNN")];
  winsup/cygwin/  char buf[sizeof ("opened pty master for ptyNNNNNNNNNNN")];
  winsup/cygwin/  char pipename[sizeof("ptyNNNN-to-master-cyg")];
  winsup/cygwin/  char pipename[sizeof("ptyNNNN-from-master")];

Should the "pty[0-9]+" be "pty[0-9]{1,4}" ?

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