gprof profiling of multi-threaded Cygwin programs

Mark Geisert
Fri Jan 29 10:20:00 GMT 2016

I've got alpha-quality code running to support this and am running some 
tests to ensure I'm seeing what I ought to be seeing.  Could I get a quick 
design review to confirm I'm on the right track of implementation and 
to maybe point out odd use cases I might have missed?

I could have just submitted patches but I'd like to be more sure of my 
direction before patching.

I see three areas of implementation...
(1) Modify profil.c to have the profiling thread it creates sample all 
pthreads' pc values in addition to its current sampling of the main 
thread's.  I plan to have profil.c call a routine in to get 
handles to the running pthreads that can be passed to GetThreadContext() 
back in profil.c.  (The code is cleaner than this reads.)

(2) Modify mcount.c to make mcount_private() thread-safe.  This routine is 
entered on every function call that occurs in an executable compiled with 
the '-pg' option; this to build call path diagrams.  I plan to replace the 
sets and refs of the gmonparam state variable with Interlocked* 
operations.  It would be nice to record somewhere how many misses occur; 
the code doesn't queue callers because it's being called on *every* 
profiled function call.  That happens so very frequently under profiling 
that if the state doesn't allow entry that call's info is just discarded.

(3) Modify gmon.c to allow for possibility of multiple gmon.out files due 
to fork/exec from a profiled process.  I see there is potentially usable 
code already there but it's #ifdef'd out.  Does anybody know why?

Thanks for the once-over and if submitting patches really is the way I 
should go for this review, just let me know.


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