RFC: [PATCH 0/6] When fork fails, retry with hardlinks.

Michael Haubenwallner michael.haubenwallner@ssi-schaefer.com
Wed Dec 7 10:59:00 GMT 2016

Hi Corinna (et al.),

now with NtQueryVirtualMemory(MemorySectionName) I've been able to drop
the need to early open any file, and any check for modified binaries.
Instead, only the failing fork call is the trigger to create the
hardlinks (if possible) - followed by a second fork call then.

One question: During dlopen rework I've learned about tmp_pathbuf:
Unlike in child process startup, where tmp_pathbuf is not initialised
yet (have nt_max_path_buffer instead), do you see a reason to not use
tmp_pathbuf during hardlink creation in parent process (patch 3)?

The idea there is to really catch the right file for when that file is
just being renamed - that needs the second filename buffer to compare.

Other than that: What do you think about these patches now?


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