NFS share - NtOpenFile() failed, c00000be

Andy O'Shaughnessy
Thu Oct 29 11:47:00 GMT 2015

I am able to mount an NFS share from Linux but when I use Cygwin I get
a stranger error:

$ mount //<server>/<share> /tmp/test1

$ ls -lrt /tmp
ls: cannot access /tmp/test1: No such file or directory
total 0
d????????? ? ? ? ?            ? test1

But when I run the following I get :

$ /usr/lib/csih/getVolInfo /tmp/test1
NtOpenFile(\??\UNC\<server>\<share>) failed, c00000be


The mount happened but not properly.
It might be linked to Windows McAfee Firewalls.
I would guess this mailing list will readily know what is wrong

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