Splitting up cygwin packages

Christopher Faylor cgf-use-the-mailinglist-please@cygwin.com
Sat Nov 23 18:39:00 GMT 2013

I'll probably regret mentioning this because it is a potential bikeshed
issue but, here goes:

I suggested to Corinna that it would be nice to break up the cygwin package
into four different packages:

- cygwin		Category: base

containing the dll

- cygwin-devel		Category: devel

containing headers and import libraries

- cygwin-server		Category: base(?)

containing cygserver and cyglsa

- cygwin-utils		Category: base

containing the content of winsup/utils

The versioning for all of the above would reflect the dll version.

There are two motivations here:

1) Allow updating non-dll packages for important bug fixes which
do not require a dll version bump (like the recent cygcheck bug).
This would be a rare occurrence but it means that there could be,
e.g., a cygwin-utils-1.7.27-2 package.  The utilities would report
"1.7.27" while "cygcheck -c cygwin-utils" would report 1.7.27-2.

2) Allow decoupling the development files from a normal installation
for people who don't need the headers/libraries.

The change would mean that all devel packages would need to rely
on cygwin-devel.  I'm willing to make that automatic in upset.

Packages which rely on the cygwin utils would obviously need to
require: cygwin-utils, although since cygwin-utils is in the base
category, it won't be a big issue.

We're tentatively thinking about starting this in 1.7.27.

Am I missing anything else?  Does cygwin-server belong in the base


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