Cygwin changes needed for MSYS

Christopher Faylor
Tue Jul 30 19:12:00 GMT 2013

I'm starting a new thread.  I'd like to keep the discussion confined to
what hooks we need to add to the DLL and other programming considerations.

I don't want to discuss what binaries get built for MSYS, where they
will go, or what the directory layout will look like.  I just want to
try to add enough functionality to the Cygwin DLL so that a secondary
MSYS dll can provide the functionality that MSYS users expect.

I set up a "callout" branch in the Cygwin CVS repository which will
contain the changes that I'm proposing for this project.  As I mentioned,
the intent is that an MSYS user will set the CYGWIN environment variable


Then the MSYS.dll will, as part of its dll entry function, call

cygwin_internal (CW_CALLOUT, msys_callin);

The cygwin_hook_function *could* look like:

#include <cygwin/callout.h>
extern "C" cw_callout_return_t
msys_callin (cw_callout_t code, ...)
   va_arg arg;
    cw_callout_t ret;
   switch (code)
     case CO_UNAME:
	msys_uname_munge (va_arg (arg, struct utsname *));
     return ret;

I expect to check stuff into the branch later today (EST5EDT) when I'm
off the clock for my real job.  I'll send out a notice when the branch
is actually populated with stuff.  So far, I've only changed a few files
and I don't expect that many more will need to be modified.


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