MSYS mode (continue)

Earnie Boyd
Mon Jul 29 11:19:00 GMT 2013

On Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 7:00 AM, LRN wrote:
>> - make w/ DOS path handling
> Yes. Note that the code DOES exist in make, but is disabled when make is
> built for Cygwin. One might question whether it was a good idea to
> disable support for W32 paths in make that runs on W32 (with a
> compatibility layer, but still...) in the first place.

MSYS has never modified the make source and it uses the CYGWIN coding.
 The only thing is we do accept windows pathing in the form of
C:/SOME/DIR but not C:\SOME\DIR.

The only thing I know that is currently changed is bash to add a -W
option to pwd.  That should be carried forward to /bin/pwd but that
currently isn't the case.

All of the path handling magic happens in msys-1.0.dll.  The other
thing that happens are chosen sane defaults for the options provided
by CYGWIN so that users reporting errors wouldn't have the chance to
screw with a known set of configuration and the CYGWIN variable is
thus ignored.  And all file handles are set to _O_BINARY without the
ability to change it; I don't know if that matters for the current
version of Cygwin but mentioning it just in case.


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