/dev/clipboard corrupted

Thomas Wolff towo@towo.net
Sun Jul 8 23:15:00 GMT 2012

Am 04.07.2012 10:15, schrieb Corinna Vinschen:
> On Jul  3 18:29, Thomas Wolff wrote:
>> ...
>> * The current (CVS) code will not work if even the first character
>> to be converted
>>     needs more bytes than the buffer provides, e.g. if the
>> application calls read() with length 1 only.
>>     Some extra buffering would be needed to make it work then.
> Yes, indeed.  I'll have a look.
> No, not yet.  This isn't exactly a regression from former behaviour.
> Please provide a patch or remind me in a few weeks again.
About the buffering I may send a patch when I find time.

>> * I assume the current code will also fail in non-UTF-8 locales;
>>     if the wcs block being converted contains a non-convertible character,
>>     it would abort since wcstombs returns -1
>>     (assuming here that sys_wcstombs behaves alike in this respect)
> It doesn't.  In fact, sys_cp_wcstombs was designed to never fail
> to convert a string.  See the source code in strfunc.cc, line 447ff.
Tested meanwhile. My assumption was too speculative, sorry.

>> * I had previously observed that with a read size of n only n-1
>> bytes would be delivered
>>     and thought this was on purpose because wcstombs appends a final
>> nul to its result.
>>     Now n bytes are returned (if available) and in fact the byte
>> behind the read() buffer is
>>     overwritten (see modified test program).
> It's not Cygwin overwriting the byte, your testcase is...
Both were, actually...
>> ...
>> 		n = read (fd, filebuf, filebuflen);
>> 		if (out_tty) {
>> 			filebuf [n] = 0;
> Hmm, what if n == filebuflen?
I admit my test case was bogus in this respect *BLUSH*.
However, yet the error is there, as a fixed test case reveals.
Also your own testcase does print out "OVERWRITTEN".
This complies with the comment in strfuncs.cc:sys_cp_wcstombs:
    - The functions always create 0-terminated results, no matter what.
The fix is easy:
       if (pos < glen)
           len --;       /* leave space for final NUL */


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