missing or wrong mingw_lib ?

marco atzeri marco.atzeri@gmail.com
Sun Jul 8 06:17:00 GMT 2012

On 7/8/2012 2:53 AM, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> Incidentally, I've revamped the configury for Cygwin in preparation for
> moving it to a new stand-alone git repository.  Since it will be
> standalone (with the possible exception of newlib), it no longer will be
> using the old, arcane top-level configure/Makefile.in which has
> accommodations for building gdb, binutils, gcc, flex, bison, etc.
> The git repository is not quite ready for prime time and it isn't yet
> clear what we'll be doing with the old CVS repository.  Right now, git
> is pulling in changes from CVS but I guess we could eventually be moving
> in the other direction.  I can also set up a git cvs server for those
> who prefer it.
> cgf

cygwin/newlib are the only projects I am working on still using CVS.
Personally I do not see a need for git cvs server.


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