RFC: Cygwin 64 bit?

Andy Koppe andy.koppe@gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 04:29:00 GMT 2011

On 28 June 2011 03:40, Yaakov (Cygwin/X) wrote:
> The library prefix is coded in lots of places, from build systems
> (libtool, cmake, qmake, waf, etc.) to module loaders (GModule, QLibrary,
> libltdl, and dozens if not hundreds of programs which handle their own
> module loading).  Trying to change all of those to be different on two
> different architectures would NOT be a "simple matter".
> Besides, wrt to modules, in a multilib setup you have two different
> library paths for x86 and x64, so they don't need separate prefixes
> anyway (and not always do they use a prefix at all, or you have KDE4
> where the module prefix must be "lib" if it exists) and making different
> prefixes for shared libraries and loadable modules is out of the
> question.

Can you comment on how difficult it would be to deal with lib64 and
particularly bin64 (due to DLLs having to go into bin*)?

> But this still begs the bigger question, why do we need multilib support
> at all?

To avoid having to port a large part of the distro before 64-bit
Cygwin becomes usable, and for more seamless compatibility with users'
existing 32-bit binaries and sources than you'd get with a separate
Cygwin32 install.

Do those benefits outweigh the costs? I don't know.


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