Possibility of a git repo of winsup

Marius Storm-Olsen mstormo@gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 14:07:00 GMT 2011


I've been trying to create a git repo of winsup by using the cvsimport 
command of git. However, due to performance issues with the server, and 
the import command in its self, I was hoping that someone would be able 
to either
     a) Provide me with a full copy of the CVS repo, so I can run an 
import locally
     b) Run the cvs2git repo conversion command themselves, and make the 
result public

I would like a git repo of winsup myself, to be able to mine data, 
figure out why certain things in the code was done, etc. However, I also 
think the community at large would benefit from access to a git version 
of the source code, allowing for more insight, faster and offline 
development. It would probably benefit the project in general, 
potentially drawing more development power to the project.

Thanks for any input on the matter!


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