Cygwin Rsync/SSH performance issue

Christopher Faylor
Tue Feb 16 15:11:00 GMT 2010

On Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 11:33:45AM +0100, Jan Alphenaar wrote:
>Hi everybody,
>I am using rsync/ssh to copy files from my computer to my server and
>everything seems to function as expected, except performance.
>During a file transfer on my home computer (Intel I7) there is not a
>noticeable CPU load. But on other (older) machines the rsync/ssh transfer
>consumes all CPU resources on the sending side. I noticed there are other
>questions regarding this subject in the archives, but I could not find a
>solution for this. Also throttling the bandwidth to a lower value is not
>helping to reduce the CPU load.
>I am using quite a basic command to sync my files:
>        rsync -e ssh * <user>@<server>:/data
>The versions of the software I am using are:
>Cygwin: 1.7.1-1
>ssh: OpenSSH_5.3p1
>rsync: 3.0.6
>OS: WinXP
>Was anybody able to resolve this ?
>Any help is greatly appreciated.

Sorry but this is not a help list.  If you want help please use the main
cygwin list.

This is from the list description at

  Note that this is not a place to send bug reports or questions about
  utilities like ssh, cron, etc.  Please use the main Cygwin list for
  these types of questions.  If you have an issue and hope that someone
  will look into it for you then please do not send email here.  This is
  a mailing list for doers not musers.

Please use the main cygwin list.


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