Request for help debugging screen problem

Shaddy Baddah
Sun Feb 7 16:09:00 GMT 2010


On 7/02/2010 3:48 PM, Shaddy Baddah wrote:
> However, I now have a new problem. Say I have no screen sessions running
> at all:
> shaddy@*** ~
> $ screen -r
> There is no screen to be resumed.
> But I try an strace:
> shaddy@*** ~
> $ strace -o /tmp/screen-r+cygserver-down.strace screen -r
> 23025 [main] screen 5340 C:\software\cygwin\bin\screen.exe: *** fatal
> error - couldn't initialize fd 0 for /dev/tty2
> I've completely lost faith in my strace scenarios now. This last
> scenario is how I came to determine that screen was trying to call
> OpenProcess() on the cyg_server owned sshd process. I was intending to
> mention it as it as it was unusual.
> Why doesn't this last strace just output the same "There is no screen to
> be resumed." message? I am now hesistant to go on using strace, as I'm
> not sure it is helping me analyse my initial problem. It seems to be
> creating problems of its own???

I just thought of this where inspiration usually takes hold.

shaddy@*** ~
$ strace -o /tmp/ls.strace ls
   22886 [main] ls 4808 C:\software\cygwin\bin\ls.exe: *** fatal error - 
couldn't initialize fd 0 for /dev/tty2

The OpenProcess() thing, it's actually strace having trouble attaching 
to the ssh tty, right?


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