crossbuild cygwin-1.7.6-1 on linux x64

Charles Wilson
Thu Aug 26 16:25:00 GMT 2010

Corinna said:
> Here's how I created the cross toolchain.  It's *very* certainly NOT the
> official way of doing it, bootstrapping from scratch and all that, but
> it works for slackers like me:

Hmm. Thanks.

This looks very similar to the procedure I was using -- except that I 
added --with-build-sysroot= and --with-sysroot= when configuring (*). I 
also disabled lto (**). I wonder if there is some reason a sysrooted 
cygwin toolchain doesn't work, that is unique to cygwin $targets (it 
would be odd if that were the case, but...)

Didn't you also need to modify libstdc++v3/crossconfig.m4?  Without 
that, I get an error that it doesn't "know about this host/target 

I'll try again, carefully following your procedure instead of mine, and 
will report back on the main list.

(*) I also wanted to test the new sysroot support in libtool, but that's 
of lesser immediate concern. Getting something *working* is the 
important bit right now!

(**) Unlike earlier 4.x gcc's for cygwin, Dave's 4.5.0-1 .cygport 
configures with --enable-lto.  However, I got an error (lto only valid 
on ELF platforms) so I think Dave's -src package might be missing a 
patch or two. Otherwise I don't see how it compiled at all, even 
natively -- unless maybe it was because he's using a private binutils? 
[Dave, if you want to follow up on this sub-issue, it probably also 
belongs on cygwin@]


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