crossbuild cygwin-1.7.6-1 on linux x64

Charles Wilson
Wed Aug 25 20:56:00 GMT 2010

Corinna said:
> And it's quite funny, considering that the Red Hat dept I'm working for
> spends most of its time creating and maintaining cross build tools.

Funny this came up. I just spent some time last weekend *trying* to 
construct a linux->cygwin cross compiler environment (based on Dave's 
recent native gcc-4.5.0 release).  Unfortunately I failed: C progs seem 
to work ok, but C++ ones do not.

Is there any documentation about the Right Way to set up a cygwin cross 
environment?  I've attached a log of what I did (but, it *does not work* 
so, for the archives, don't do it this way).  Anything obviously wrong 
jump out?  OR, should I move this discussion to the main list?

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