Cygwin CWD vs. Win32 CWD (was Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: vim-7.3.003-1)

Andy Koppe
Wed Aug 25 20:54:00 GMT 2010

On 25 August 2010 21:40, Charles Wilson wrote:
>> Please see the patch below.  Comments are highly welcome.  Alternatively
>> we just drop the entire jumble and keep the Win32 always in sync.  I'm
>> still wondering what other guys on the list think...
> I think posix compatibility should be preferred. I like:
>   * the three different options (no_sync, sync_once, sync_always)

What is the point of the sync_once option? If a Win32-using program
can be made to work with sync_once because it doesn't invoke chdir(),
then it will also work with sync_always. As far as I can see, this is
needless complexity.

>   * the idea to link a .o so that one of the non-default options
>     can be selected without code changes

cgf, did you get the .o idea to work?


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