cygwin (self-compiled) does not run (Re: cygwin patch&test workflow?)

Andy Koppe
Tue Oct 20 18:19:00 GMT 2009

2009/10/20 Dave Korn:
> Thomas Wolff wrote:
>> Can anyone reproduce this (with a setup.exe-installed src package, to be
>> consistent)?
>  I don't have time to try this right now, but if you haven't got to the
> bottom of it in the next 48hrs or so I'll be able to find a bit of space to
> test it.

I reproduced the issue with the 1.7.0-62 source. Meanwhile, cvs is working fine.

Dave, isn't this the issue with using the latest gcc you fixed thusly:

2009-10-04  Dave Korn
        * (CFLAGS): Add -mno-use-libstdc-wrappers.

My sources tell me that 1.7.0-62 came out the day before that.


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