Avoid collisions between parallel installations of Cygwin

Larry Hall (Cygwin Developers) lhall@cygwin.com
Fri Oct 16 19:39:00 GMT 2009

On 10/16/2009 05:13 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

Chuck's reply reminded me that I meant to reply here too.

> - Should cygcheck show them (with a remark "orphaned") or should
>    cygcheck not show orphaned entries at all?

Show, definitely.

> - Should cygcheck remove old entries as it goes along (implies not
>    printing them at all), or should it only remove old entries if
>    the user uses some "--clean" option?

When you say "old", do you mean orphaned?  If so, I like the idea of
the "--clean" flag, though maybe it should be "--cleanup-orphans"?  If that's
not what you meant, then I'm unsure of the definition of "old".

> What I also didn't get is the result of the other two points.
> - Do we still need a way to switch off using the installation key
>    in object names?  If so, using a resource as proposed by Chuck?
>    If so, what about putting the functionality to change the resource
>    setting into cygcheck?

I think putting this in cygcheck is a good idea too.  I agree with Chuck
on where to put this and how important it is to have.

> - Do we still need a means to switch off the fingerprint creation?
>    This one, I'm not so sure about.  If we really have an interest in the
>    fingerprint, we can't have an interest to provide an easy way to avoid
>    it.  It should at least require to rebuild the DLL, shouldn't it?

I think this has fallen to a lower priority but also that the requirements (or
wish list) has also grown. So I think we can get away with delaying this for

Did I just basically "ditto" Chuck? ;-)

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