cvs newlib build issue

Corinna Vinschen
Thu Oct 15 08:28:00 GMT 2009


On Oct 14 18:46, Stan Moore wrote:
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Please #2:

>> Actually this is specifically a newlib issue. Apparently sometime back in
>> March Corinna added 
>> size_t  _EXFUN(wcsftime, (wchar_t *, size_t, const wchar_t *, const struct
>> tm *));
>> But forgot to add time.h to the header so the struct tm is a problem. It
>> doesn't seem to get pulled in anywhere else so a top level build is broke
>> right now. 
>> It's not a big problem, but I don't have any direct dealings with newlib and
>> lack a better communication channel to point this out.

You "direct dealings" are no requirement to send stuff like this to
the newlib list.  Actually, there's no reason *not* to send this to
the newlib list.

> Sorry, and yes before anyone asks - yes I am stupid. The header in question
> is wchar.h. So wchar.h is missing time.h :)

No, it's missing a declaration of struct tm.  POSIX requires it.
I fixed that in CVS.  Thanks for the report.


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