Corinna Vinschen
Thu Oct 8 14:50:00 GMT 2009

On Oct  8 16:07, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> Not that I'm aware of.  I have to admit that I don't even know how you
> could get this info on Linux without standing on your head.  The other
> problem is that the information you would get from tcgetpgrp is not
> safe.  You can't assume that the process still exists when you try to
> fetch information from /proc/$pid.  Or worse, the process could have
> exited and been replaced by another process with the same PID, given
> that Windows re-uses PIDs quite liberally.  What you're trying to
> accomplish looks a bit tricky and unsecure.

Btw., you wrote:

>> This is used for a new feature in mintty-0.5: Ctrl+clicking on a file
>> to open it via cygstart, whereby the current working directory of the
>> foreground process is needed for relative paths. This worked fine up
>> to 1.7.0-62, but due to the change above it no longer works on
>> cygwin-cvs.

I'm wondering a bit how's that supposed to work anyway.  How do you
handle this?

  $ pwd
  $ ls /tmp
  foo bar baz

At Ctrl-click, the foreground process is the shell.  CWD is /home/andy.
Clicking on foo, bar, or baz will not have the desired result.


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