CFA: pseudo-reloc v2

Corinna Vinschen
Tue Oct 6 08:04:00 GMT 2009

On Oct  5 16:56, Charles Wilson wrote:
> cgf wrote:
> > This looks good to me although I think it could stand a few more
> > comments.  I feel like a hypocrite every time I ask for that but do as I
> > say not as I do, dammit!
> No problem. I'll try to add comments throughout, but I'm not sure they
> will be all that helpful in the Kai-derived parts.  I'll also update to
> use the proposed cygwin_internal calls instead of cygwin_*_process.
> > I think the only question is whether this belongs in 1.7.1 or 1.7.2.
> > I'll leave that one to Corinna but my vote is for 1.7.1.
> Yeah, that's why I was trying to get this done now: it'd be nice to say
> that 1.7 supports the -v2 relocs.
> 'just one more thing'-itis will kill us (is already killing us), so I
> won't be upset if Corinna wants to postpone 'til 1.7.2.

The important question here is, will v1 pseudo relocs work as before?
Since we simply don't have applications with v2 pseudo relocs yet and
since the idea is to switch to v2 after giving it a longer grace period,
the v2 functionality is just prep work.  I'm all for supporting v2 right
from 1.7.1, as long as it's guranteed that the v1 code path behaves as

> > But, anyway, thanks very much for seeing this through Chuck.  Much
> > appreciated.

Big ditto.

> > At some point it would probably be nice for cygwin to be multi-language
> > aware wouldn't it?  Then we could issue warnings/errors in the right
> > language.
> Ok, but first I need to learn Portuguese, German, Italian, Arabic,
> Pashtu, Swahili, and Cantonese.  Afterwards, I'll get right on that.

Don't forget Esperanto.  But take your time.


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