CFA: pseudo-reloc v2

Charles Wilson
Mon Oct 5 20:56:00 GMT 2009

cgf wrote:
> This looks good to me although I think it could stand a few more
> comments.  I feel like a hypocrite every time I ask for that but do as I
> say not as I do, dammit!

No problem. I'll try to add comments throughout, but I'm not sure they
will be all that helpful in the Kai-derived parts.  I'll also update to
use the proposed cygwin_internal calls instead of cygwin_*_process.

> I think the only question is whether this belongs in 1.7.1 or 1.7.2.
> I'll leave that one to Corinna but my vote is for 1.7.1.

Yeah, that's why I was trying to get this done now: it'd be nice to say
that 1.7 supports the -v2 relocs.


'just one more thing'-itis will kill us (is already killing us), so I
won't be upset if Corinna wants to postpone 'til 1.7.2.

> But, anyway, thanks very much for seeing this through Chuck.  Much
> appreciated.


> At some point it would probably be nice for cygwin to be multi-language
> aware wouldn't it?  Then we could issue warnings/errors in the right
> language.

Ok, but first I need to learn Portuguese, German, Italian, Arabic,
Pashtu, Swahili, and Cantonese.  Afterwards, I'll get right on that.


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