upset vs. genini, release-2 hint files

Charles Wilson
Thu May 28 17:48:00 GMT 2009

On Thu, 28 May 2009 13:38 -0400, "Charles Wilson" wrote:
> #3) How can I salvage my local mirror, with my new fake package, and
> return to investigating the "What's going on when setup-1.7.exe invokes
> postinstall scripts, and their interaction with ~/.dotfiles?" issue? 
> Can I get a copy of upset itself and run that on my local customized
> mirror, as a quick-n-dirty solution to my current impasse?

Never mind Q#3. It turns out that, error messages or no, the generated
setup.ini was sufficient to run the installation. However, one oddity:

Installing from a local directory, but choosing a brand new installation
into a brand new location, should initially result in every package from
the Base category being selected, right? Well, it didn't: my initial
chooser window indicated *no* packages would be installed. I had to
select my new 'fake' package with its massive requires: list to trigger
the Base stuff (and lots of other items) to install.  Just clicking on
the 'cygwin' package didn't do it.  Is this the expected behavior? 
Seems counter-intuitive to me, if I were installing from, say, a DVD


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