How to detect a cygwin thread?

Christopher Faylor
Sat May 9 20:25:00 GMT 2009

On Sat, May 09, 2009 at 12:26:55PM +0200, Piotr Wyderski wrote:
>My program has a built-in panic handler, which enumerates
>all process threads using the CreateToolhelp32Snapshot
>WinAPI function and then suspends them (except itself)
>in order to freeze the entire environment in a state as close
>as possible to the original error conditions. Unfortunately it
>also stops the internal Cygwin thread (which seems to spend
>most of its time in cygwin1.dll!toascii+0x15d0) and the entire
>process hangs. Is there a way to identify those Cygwin
>threads in order not to suspend them? There is a function
>  extern "C" DWORD cygwin_internal()
>specified as "This function gives you access to various
>internal data and functions", so perhaps it could help me?
>If not, then how do I achieve the goal specified above?

This mailing list is not here to help you with your own applications.
It is for discussion of the development of the Cygwin DLL and its
applications.  There is a basic supposition that you know about
cygwin internals already.  If you have to ask if something like
"cygwin_internal" will help you, you obviously aren't reading the
source code and you shouldn't be asking here.

Please use the main cygwin list.

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