More: [1.7] packaging problem? Both /usr/bin/ and /usr/lib/ are non-empty

Corinna Vinschen
Tue May 5 13:17:00 GMT 2009

On May  5 14:07, Fergus wrote:
> > That's very odd.
> > Those files are created by the postinstall script,
> > which is run by setup.exe in a "real" cygwin shell.
> > That is, it's just a bash script that runs
> > ..
> > BUT, because it's in a bash shell, it OUGHT to know
> > about all of the mount points, especially
> > cygwin-1.7 (cat /etc/fstab):                   !!!!
> > .. C:/cygwin-1.7 / some_fs binary 0 0
> > .. C:/cygwin-1.7/bin /usr/bin some_fs binary 0 0
> > .. C:/cygwin-1.7/lib /usr/lib some_fs binary 0 0
> OK, thank you very much. Your account of what goes on reveals the cause  
> of the problem, which is local to *my machine* as you anticipated. (See  
> the line ending !!!!)
> Running Cygwin [1.7] from a mobile drive whose driveletter might vary  
> from host to host or usage to usage, and which I won't necessarily know,  
> and don't want to have to find out, I do not have a /etc/fstab file.  
> Every instance of Cygwin is initiated by a Windows batch command file  
> that discovers the driveletter for itself and uses it to write a bespoke  
> /etc/fstab. Only then is the shell started. At the end of the session  
> the tailored file /etc/fstab is deleted.
> [...]
> Thank you very much. (This behaviour - mobile drive - is probably viewed  
> as eccentric minority behaviour requiring no special attention in  
> setup.exe, but I think I am not the only one using Cygwin in this way,  
> as very recent posts have shown.)

Since this problem might come up more often in future, I was wondering
if Cygwin should create default mount table entries for /usr/bin and
/usr/lib the same way it creates default entries for the root dir and
the cygdrive prefix.  This should nicely workaround this problem and
result in a fully functional mount table even if fstab doesn't exist.

What do others think of this idea?


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