Cygwin 1.7 release (was Re: ??? The library or libraries will be delivered[...])

Charles Wilson
Thu Jun 4 15:34:00 GMT 2009

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> binutils doesn't use /usr/man, /usr/info, or /usr/doc.

I was just going by what was IN my 1.7 /usr/man directory tree. However,
although I explicitly checked (e.g.) 
$ cygcheck -f /usr/man/man1/yacc.1
to find that it was in byacc and not bison

However, I didn't explicitly check /usr/man/man/ld.1, as.1, etc. I was
pretty sure what package those came from!  But since I do NOT see those
files on the 1.5 systems that I have access to at the moment, and since
we presently don't have a 1.7-specific binutils package, I guess we can
chalk it up to either
   (a) some transient setup.exe problem since the 1.7 install I was
   looking at is fairly old; binutils was probably installed right at
   first, back in late September. There have been a lot of fixes to
   setup-1.7 since then.
   (b) or maybe I did something schtoopid like a 'make install' of a
   locally built binutils. I don't remember doing that, but anything is
I'd go back and do a 'cygcheck -f /usr/man/man1/ld.1' but I can't access
that system right now.  But I'm sure it's a non-issue, so sorry for the

> But, regardless, I don't see how this "would be nice" jives with your
> concern of unduly delaying the release by adding more things to do
> before releasing 1.7.

Because it's just a documentation move -- e.g. no code changes, so no
operational impact. Plus, we don't need to wait for it, so it can't hold
anything up.  It's just..."hey, you guys, if you've got time, it'd be
nice that new cygwin-1.7 installs are
/usr/{man|info|doc}/-clean.  It's not *important* tho, so don't worry
about it if you're too busy."


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