[RFC] libgfortran dll i/o redirection lossage caused by order-of-termination issue

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Mon Jul 27 11:49:00 GMT 2009

On Jul 27 12:19, Dave Korn wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > Hi Dave,
> > 
> > On Jul 20 16:05, Dave Korn wrote:
> >> Christopher Faylor wrote:
> >>
> >>>>  That's with the Cygwin DLL simply patched to schedule an atexit call to
> >>>> dll_global_dtors directly after the exe's global dtors get run.
> >>> So, you've removed the call from do_exit() then?  If so, please also remove the
> >>> ES_GLOBAL_DTORS definition.
> >>   Not yet.  Wanted to see what happens if I leave it in there as a last-chance
> >> fallback.
> > 
> > Any news?  A patch, maybe?
> > 
>   Progress not brilliant.  Attached is the patch I've been running with in my
> local build of the DLL since July 19th.  My original plan was to run the GCC
> testsuites for C++, Fortran and Java since they're all heavy users of c/dtors,
> and make sure nothing regressed there.  However I've been plagued by power
> cuts, BSoDs and BLODA(*) meaning that I haven't yet managed to complete
> anything except the fortran run (which as we saw looked good) - everything
> else has been interrupted part way through losing a-day-or-more's partial
> results.  Sigh.
>   I appear to have worked around my BLODA for the moment and have a testrun
> progressing nicely now, with g++ completed and java nearly done.  Let's wait
> and see how the libstdc++ tests go, sometime tomorrow.

Ok, thanks for the update.


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