1.7.1 release

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Mon Jul 13 16:36:00 GMT 2009

On Jul 13 12:31, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> Hi,
> here's a start for a "What's missing for the release" thread.
> I'm only listing what comes to mind.  I don't mean to make an assessment
> or push anything.  I'd just like to discuss where we are.  Please add
> missing points.
> - Order of calling DLL dtors functions per
>   http://cygwin.com/ml/cygwin-developers/2009-07/msg00000.html
>   Must have in 1.7.1?
> - Fifo regression per http://cygwin.com/ml/cygwin/2009-07/msg00233.html
>   Need to fix for 1.7.1?
> - WCONTINUED/WIFCONTINUED.  Feature request.  Easy to add?  Can wait?
> - Red Hat has an open customer request for a small change.  I'll
>   discuss this on this list as soon as the NDA is lifted.  Is a
>   "would be nice" for 1.7.1 but can wait for 1.7.2 if we want to push
>   1.7.1 out.
> - Make sure new docs don't point to 1.7 subdir anymore.  Then replace
>   old docs with new docs on cygwin.com.
> - Decouple release-2 area from release.
> - Rename setup-1.7.exe to setup.exe.

- Patch for filesystems as reported in
  I know what's going on, I just need to know what the name of the
  filesystem is.  Still waiting for the info.  Non-critical.


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