1.7.1 release date?

Charles Wilson cygwin@cwilson.fastmail.fm
Mon Dec 7 05:22:00 GMT 2009

cgf wrote:
> I guess I should say that I really don't care for animal-named releases.
> It's just too cutesy for me.

Fair enough.  Howzabout this bikeshed, then:

Do Almost Nothing.

(Stop laughing. I'm serious!).

Let's leave release-2/ exactly as it is.  Let's simply rename release/
to release-1/.  That way, in 5-10 years when we next have a
paradigm-breaking abnormal release, we can move to release-3 and
everything will continue to "make sense". In the meantime, cygwin-1.7.x,
cygwin-1.9.x, cygwin-1.11.x, etc will continue as always in release-2/

To go along with this, I propose that
  (a) the "new" setup continue to use setup-2.ini.
  (b) this binary should be named 'setup-2.exe'. Heck, I'd even go so
far as to suggest that the Makefile.am in CVS should be modified to do
exactly that.
  (c) we release a new version of the "old" setup -- under the name
'setup-1.exe' -- and IMO the Makefile.am on that branch should be
modified to reflect this.
  (d) The setup-1.exe app should use 'setup-1.ini'.  For the benefit of
poor schlubs who are using "old" versions of the "old" setup, there
should be a hardlink from 'setup.ini' to 'setup-1.ini' (modulo .bz2

Four new empty files with informative names:


This way, everything is clearly named: all items have either a -1 or -2
in their name, showing which epoch they belong to (except for backwards
compatibility links, kept around for the benefit of cached setup.exe
copies).  release-1/, release-2/, etc forms a natural, understandable
progression (and the names are symmetric, unlike the current "release"
vs "release-2", or even the proposed "release-legacy" vs "release").

Now, I'll let you guys discuss, and I'll not throw any more
gas^Wproposals on this bonfire; this is my last bikeshed post on this
topic. I'll go along with whatever ya'll decide (but my preferences are
obviously for (1) whimsical cutesy animal names, followed by (2) orderly
progression release-1, release-2.  If anybody is tallying votes).


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