Filenames with Win32 special characters (or: Interix filename compatibility)

Brian Dessent
Wed Mar 12 19:21:00 GMT 2008

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> > What about this scheme for special DOS chars in non-managed mounts?  Do
> > you expect to access these files, which just didn't exist before, using
> > a native ANSI tool?

No, I don't have any expectation of anything working there, so the
unicode munging is clearly a win-win there.

> Btw., this access problem potentially also happens to you in Cygwin.
> Given you run a shell in codepage:ansi or codepage:oem mode, and in
> another codepage:utf8 session you created a file with characters not
> available in your ANSI or OEM codepage.  If you try to access this file
> in the ansi or oem session, you'll get a ENOENT error.  There's nothing
> you can do about that, as soon as you use 8-bit codepages.  That's one
> of the reasons to use wide char file access functions.  It's not all
> about long path names, it's also about being able to access utf chars,
> even if that might still be buggy right now.

Does that mean you're in favor of making codepage:utf8 the default if
not specified in the near future?


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