CYGWIN=codepage? Or LC_CTYPE=foo?

Brian Dessent
Tue Apr 8 07:12:00 GMT 2008

Kazuhiro Fujieda wrote:

> You don't need to worry about a UTF-8 capable terminal. Windows
> console can handle UTF-8 through Unicode.  Cygwin DLL will
> convert UTF-8 messages to Unicode and feed them to WriteConsoleW,
> if the codeset part of LANG or LC_CTYPE is UTF-8.

That's good news, but it only helps those that use a Windows Console.  I
can't speak for anyone else but I detest the Windows Console with its
awful cut+paste and inability to resize, so I avoid it at all costs. 
We'd essentially be rendering rxvt and xterm broken out-of-the-box if we
turned on UTF-8 output by default.  Of course in an ideal world we would
release updated versions of xterm and (u)rxvt with UTF-8 support
enabled, but at least in the case of rxvt that means losing the W11 port
and in the case of xterm it means we'd need to find an X11 maintainer.


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