[PATCH] Big List Of Dodgy Apps for cygcheck.

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Mon Jul 30 08:30:00 GMT 2007

On Jul 30 08:08, Dave Korn wrote:
>     Morning all,
>   This is the first cut of the dodgy apps detection feature for cygcheck.

Isn't that what cygwin-patches is for?

>   I needed some new definitions in ntdll.h in order to lookup loaded module
> info, so I imported a couple of chunks from wine's winternl.h header file.

Uh oh!  Did you look at the copyright notice of wine's winternl.h?  It's
under (L)GPL, so it's incompatible with the Cygwin license.  You can't
copy the code from there.

Actually, the ntdll.h file is meant only for the Cygwin DLL.  It would
be much better if the utils would just use the ddk headers from the
w32api headers.  If you don't find there what you need, consider to
contribute the missing stuff to the w32api headers and/or library files.

But you can't use the wine stuff.  

Either write it yourself, or, if you think you're too tainted, ask
somebody else to add it to the w32api.

>   I haven't documented this anywhere; it seems unnecessary to me, since it is
> already covered by what the definition of the "-s" option does; it's just more
> "system information", and doesn't need to be specially mentioned.  A possible
> future enhancement would be an option to download an updated list of dodgy
> apps from the cygwin website.  That, of course, *would* require some docs.

An additional option for checking dodgy apps *only* would be nice.
Of course, this requires a doc change, too...

>   I Can Has Code Reviewz Plz?  kthxbye!

Nope!  Not with wine code in it.


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