Licensing change of dumer

Corinna Vinschen
Tue Jul 24 19:32:00 GMT 2007


I just checked in a change to winsup/utils which changes the licensing
of, dumper.h and to GPLv2 + later.  This fixes a
longstanding licensing problem due to the fact that dumper is linked
against BFD.  BFD is and always was GPLed.  Linking an application under
Cygwin license violates the GPL, so for dumper the Cygwin license was
never really valid.

After asking for legal advice I now changed dumper's license to
GPLv2 + later.  GPLv2 because that's the original licensing under
Cygwin's thin licensing skin, + later because that's necessary to allow
linking to the GPLv3'ed BFD.

Please, no discussion of licensing if you can help it.  Rather, feel
free to submit patches to dumper from now on even without Cygwin copyright
assignment in place.


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