Deprecating ntea

Earnie Boyd
Wed Feb 28 00:27:00 GMT 2007

Quoting "Larry Hall (Cygwin Developers)" <>:

> To me it seems ntea has enough limited applications that it is effectively
> unusable.  But I agree with Chris that this needs to be announced on the
> main list before killing it off for 1.7.

It seems to me that those that need it could use the 9x version.  The 
ntea support was added for NT on FAT, IIRC.  FAT is only being 
supported by MS now for diskette which has nearly become as extent as 
the use of NT itself.  Now adays most portable data is stored on a USB 
drive or you just burn it into a CD or DVD.

Sorry for stepping in but really since you're talking extinction of old 
code, this is a dinasour that needs its skeletons removed.  Let those 
that need the remains of the dinasour live with the 9x static version 
and move on.


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