Per_process size problem

Tommaso Tagliapietra (EXT VE SYS)
Mon Feb 19 13:05:00 GMT 2007


Where can I found solution to per_process problem generated by some
applications when I try to load a DLL?

One of this problems has been verified when I try to load a
cygwin-compiled dll into a .NET application:

      4 [main] Blue 316
c:\my-software\blue\Blue\Blue\bin\Release\Blue.exe: *** fatal error -
c:\my-software\blue\Blue\Blue\bin\Release\Blue.exe: *** Incompatible
cygwin .dll -- incompatible per_process info 0 != 168

Browsing cygwin source code, it seems that this happend when 

	sizeof(per_process) != expected_size

OpenOffice, .NET Framework, Sun Java SDK cannot load a cygwin-compiled

	Tommaso Tagliapietra

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