EOL for Windows 95/98/Me

Christopher Faylor cgf-use-the-mailinglist-please@cygwin.com
Mon Feb 12 15:10:00 GMT 2007

On Mon, Feb 12, 2007 at 04:02:41PM +0100, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>On Feb 12 09:07, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>On Mon, Feb 12, 2007 at 02:02:34PM +0100, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>>>On Feb 12 07:51, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>>>So, I've sent out a cygwin-announce notice about this.
>>>Looks good to me.  Now I'm curious about the replies.  Oh the
>>I'm expecting something along the line of "You didn't mention Windows
>>95 OSR1.  Is that going to be supported?"
>*tap, tap, tap* More than two hours and no reply.  Something's wrong.
>Is the mailing list software really working?

Given recent experience, apparently we'll need to wait at least six
months for a reply.


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