New rename(2) function

Corinna Vinschen
Fri Aug 10 13:23:00 GMT 2007

On Aug 10 09:01, Earnie Boyd wrote:
> Quoting Corinna Vinschen <>:
> >
> >Btw., this looks weird in mv:
> >
> > $ mv -T Bar bar
> > mv: cannot remove `Bar': Operation not permitted
> >
> >Huh?  Nobody asked for removing Bar, afaics...
> >
> Other than the fact that in windows FiLeSyStEmS Bar == [Bb][Aa][Rr].

And mentioning this well-known fact helps, because...?

I'm asking why mv doesn't say "`Bar' and `bar' are the same file",
rather this weird "cannot remove `Bar': ..."  The above request is for
renaming Bar to bar.  There is no apparent reason why the source
directory should be removed in this scenario.  Therefore the error
message is rather far-fetched from the user's POV, isn't it?

Anyway, the latest iteration of rename(2) will now rename Bar to
bar.  There are a couple of changes, so I'd be grateful for more


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